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What We Do 2018-02-09T05:34:21+00:00

It gets harder over time to keep a strong online position because of the exponential flood of content created and published on the web. There is a need for methods and tools that can assess intangible assets of companies that have a digital or technology driven business model.We solve this conundrum by delivering an online assessment of the digital component of your business in the landscape of its main competitors.

This assessment will contain two major elements:

  1. A quantitative analyses delivered as a Dashboard (Excel format). We will share our interpretation of these numbers and hold a conference call with you to discuss it in further detail
  2. A qualitative analyses delivered as a set of document(s)

In addition, our Services Team are available to implement any specific digital recommendations. When you have a stronger command of your data, you unlock the power of insights that will change the way you see your business. Use data to guide your company through real digital transformation.

Your digital footprint is a view of your market performance